Just a real quick post and some video from a recent jaunt I was able to take with a friend in his plane. 

One of my friends recently took me for a flight over the city of El Reno.  Mainly, I got to fly over my house!  It was fun AND a little bumpy due to the good ol' Oklahoma wind.. but for the most part a fun little trip.

My friend has lots of experience flying having logged several thousand hours so I wasn't troubled with the size of the plane.. or its apparent light-weightedness (planes are light though..right?).  The folks at the bank were more concerned about the size of the plane I think.. 

But I knew the pilot.. and who his Pilot was..

If you are interested.. the plane is made by a company called Flight Design and my friend says for this size of plane the avionics "ROCK" (my words). 

No, I did not get to take control of the joystick!!  But the thought did cross my mind..

Thank you friend.. now I know.. I can fly!

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