Jaythebanker at OK Mission of Mercy

I was able to be involved just this last week with the OKLAHOMA MISSION OF MERCY down at the Cox Center in OKC. All of the dental work was free to those who could muster up the courage to be signed up by about 7:00am (FRI/SAT) and stand in line until served.

Dentists,dental assistants, office managers, bankers, Rotarians and multiple other entities gave of their time for this event. Many brought their own chairs, tools of the trade, etc to take care of the many people people that showed up for care.

My day started at 2:00am (FRI) when I got up and drank a liitle coffee to report for my scheduled time from 3:30am-5:30am. (I also had another session at 9:30am-11:30am in the same garage.) Fortunately, since the temps were so cold, all of the parking attendant volunteers were in the garage UNDER the Cox Center! It was still cold-but fun.

I'm not sure why.. but I really enjoy getting up early? OK, not quite this early!! But it is always fun to serve in a way that is just simple, yet needed.

Thanks to Dr Tamara Berg (Yukon) for heading up this whole event this year. I noticed that the 2012 OKMOM will be held in McAlester.. While I won't make that one - I am so very glad to have served.


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