Earthquake AGAIN? C'mon!!

It started at 2:12am this morning when (later) Samantha told me she felt an EQ rocking the house.. (I was sleeping and did not feel it). Somewhere under Prague, OK, a 4.6mag rocked and the news was going on and on.. Prague is about ~70 mi East of us.

As this picture reflects.. It was a busy day as far as earthquakes are concerned..

WELL, it just happened again!! This time a bigger, more rowdy 5.2 rocked the same place. BUT, this time I felt it in my house and our entire house really shook.. Windows and all.. The dog is sleeping in our room.

Okay, they just upgraded it to a 5.6mag!! I'll keep you posted on future rumbles.. In the meantime, I'm getting on my hard hat and digging in.

Oh, just one question.. Do you know Jesus?

-from an undisclosed location

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