Toast on a Stick and McCalls Chapel..

McCall's Chapel - ADA

A few nights ago I was able to catch up with an old friend.. Ladd Duty..

Over the years he has been the bigger man, always calling me out of the clear blue with timing that was totally random.  Yet, it was perfect timing for me in that it sparked many great memories of growing up in Ada.  Made me think of all the times Ladd and I (and others) spent outside, camping, fishing and being young boys becoming men.  Props to you Ladd! 
We did plenty of "stupid" but always seemed to take care of one another.  We had this cool bond of some kind of brotherhood.  One of those connections that we'd have dog-piled somebody if they messed with our buds.  We hunted squirrels, shot sparrows and talked about girls.. BUT WE MOSTLY FISHED!

Most of the time our fishing was at McCall's Chapel School which (is still) East of Ada a few miles.  My mother worked at McCall's and I (and my buds) had this notion that even though my mom (just) worked there - that she really ran the place.  Probably did.  Regardless, her job there was our ticket to fishing almost any free day we had!

There were four ponds on the property and Ladd and I talked about a few of them the other night.  We could probably have literally walked across the "front one" since it was so shallow and never seemed to catch anything in the "third".  The "third" one was the spring fed pond and we just could not catch anything there.. I recall camping there and cooking (of all things) toast on a stick!

One thing for sure though..we caught the fish back in the day.  I can still remember Scotty Carson and I screaming and hollering when he caught a 6.5lb large-mouth bass in the last pond.  I am certain that the screams could be heard 5-6 miles away in Ada. 

Thankful to have had great buds like these guys.

More on our fishing and other adventures another time. 

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