Apple's 'Keynote Remote'

Used my iPad for a presentation last night.. The app/program I used was Apples "Keynote". I plugged the magic cable into the flat screenTV and voila!

Clean, crisp and with great transitions. (This is Apples equivalent to PowerPoint.)

I wanted to be able to use a remote so I could move around the room and not stand there and swipe my iPad each time I wanted to "slide" to the next page..

Noticed there was a "synch remote" tab within my Keynote presentation... hmmmm..? MUST BE AN APP FOR THAT..I quickly grabbed my trusty iPhone4, went to the app store and BOOM!!

And then.. there it was.. The "Keynote Remote" iPhone app that connects via wifi (or bluetooth) and works as a REMOTE!! Controlling my slides from anywhere in the room.. BINGO! ( 99cents )

No projector, laptop or screens!! Just an iPad, cable, TV and iPhone.. "Apple, you amaze me!!" 

Not a bad grab for 99 cents!!

NOTE: I was unable to link it all at my event - but did get it to work when I returned home - an incredible tool for sure.

-from an undisclosed location

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