Week 7 - DONE!!

Yes! Week 7 is now history and it's on to week #8 of my journey to the Couch to Half Marathon!Couple of interesting things this week:
  1. It gets REALLY HOT after about 8:30am.. I learned this on the day I shot the video.
  2. NEVER eat a large Mexican Food dinner the night before a long run...  WOW!
  3. ALWAYS work those Tibia muscles, etc - IT WORKS! (shin splints mostly gone)
  4. ICE is your friend...IF the Tibial Stress Syndrome comes back for a visit!
  5. Listen to TOBYMAC's "Tonight" download when running.  VERY NICE!   
  6. Starbuck's TAZO GREEN TEA is just incredible!  (just threw this one in!)
  7. Sweatbands are old school...but they do work!!

Have a great week and STAY HYDRATED friends.. The heat will be getting turned up a little this week hitting over 100 (or close) for most it!

Y'all be good!

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