Running into WEEK 7!! YES!!

Put that week in the bank baby!!  Week 6 is done!  Mileage was up to 11 miles last week and this week it jumps to about 15.. It's also getting warmer outside so we shall see how the body handles it.  Fortunately, I'm running at about 5:45 in the morning most days so it's at least a little cooler.

I did get to check out a few garage sales on the run Saturday.. always a fun treat but sure hard to jog around with a lampshade I got for a good deal..  I'll try that over the next few weeks.. So, keep watching. :)  

The great news is that (at least for now) the shin splints have about gone and that my friends is good news for now!

Oh..and I'm thinking about doing the KC Half Marathon on Oct 20th?  Might just be doable...

It also happens to be Father's Day - TODAY (as I am typing)! Very thankful to be a father of two incredible girls and two of the important reasons I want to stay fit at some level. I'd like to hang out with those two for a long time!

See you guys later and HAPPY FATHERS DAY!!

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