It's unsettling...but it's a good thing...

I can remember telling my kids as they have grown up over the years how I've had that feeling come over me on the way home at their age.

It's the same thing I shared with Samantha as we were driving back from a recent five day trip to the lake...now I'm much older.

It's much the same over the years but different as the years pass by..

I'm older now, more responsibility, joy, peace and things I look forward to each day.

I'm talking about that weird unsettling feeling I almost always get as we take to the road returning home from a fun time away. Do you ever feel that?

Not sure what "that" is but I'm thankful to have felt it again. I think maybe it means some level of real relaxation and connecting did take place.

Thank you Lord for a nice break and the road leading us home!

•from an undisclosed location..

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