Running the Promenade in Hot Springs, AR

Week #10 in the run plan went well!!
We were out of town for about half of the week and that created issues for me getting in the mileage, etc...I even missed a 3mi run on Wednesday!!! (Oops!)

Spent some time in Hot Springs, AR and on Monday ran the Promenade/Bathhouse Row loop a couple of times to get in the 2.5 miles. And I am telling you - it was up hill both directions!!! Samantha joined me on the jaunt so that was nice to have a running mate! (watch my video below)

Hot springs was definitely HOT that particular morning and it's always a great place to visit. I suppose we've been visiting the lake there over 20 years! Wow, time surely does fly..

Finished with a 5 miler today and on Monday..'WEEK 11' kicks off with a bang (and 13 total miles) !!

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