My run around Lake El Reno...

Well, I took a week off from the video thing and maybe should've done so again!!  The wind noise will about "blow" you away for the first few seconds of the video..but it does subside.  I'll get out the mic next time so it easier to hear.  (Oops)

OK..I finished week 12 with a 5 mile run around Lake El Reno.. I had a read a FB post about a dude with a big dog on the backside of the lake and IT WAS LEGIT!  The stick you see in the video is my "hit anything that comes at me stick".. Fortunately, as I rounded the corner I tried to make enough noise so the campers could hear me and they were able to keep the dog at bay!  Otherwise, STICK CITY!  (do I sound tough?)  I did see a large snake that someone had found before me...as it was not alive..  YUCK!  Oh, I mention the word "tweakiness" in the video relating to my achilles heel area.. Still not sure what that word means??

The perimeter I ran starting at the club house was actually only about 4 miles... So, I had to improvise and run East along hole #1 about .5mi to get me to my 5 I was to cover today!  I think the total mileage for the week was about 12 miles...but it ticks up next week to 16 so I will keep you updated on the progress!

Again, pardon the wind noise, it does subside a few seconds in..

Later.. Jay

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