Running, Golf and A.C.E.

Yes, it was a great week of running finishing with a 5 miler yesterday morning. That was eventful and all this week was an accomplishment for me personally... But yesterday was special!

Yesterday, Claire (ACE) and I played in the Jr PGA "Parent Child" tournament in Jenks, OK. Very fun to play in the tourney with Claire and so happy it was a two person scramble format! As Claire bailed us out MANY times with great shots and putts..

Our tee time was at 4pm and it was ~108deg at tee time! Yes, it was warm. Claire's grandfather (Joe) accompanied us but had to walk since no extra carts were available..

After the 9 hole tournament, Claire, me and Joe (grandfather) played the back 9 and finished right at 8pm. We finished the tourney with a score of 40 which was NOT last.. Claire was encouraged and that is what it's all about!!

Have a great week and stay cool friends!
Jay Emory
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