Today was my turn..

Today was every bit a Monday!

It was extra crazy since we'll have a mid-week holiday!!  I really enjoy mid-week holidays though...don't you?

Was able to enjoy a great lunch and visit with great customers.  (Of course, this is much like every day.)

We did have a birthday today at the office...and that always involve CAKE!! One of my weakness's...

Not sure how you do this at your office...but at mine it goes like this:
1) My birthday was last week..
2) The young lady whose birthday was immediately prior to mine had to surprise me with a birthday cake.
3) So, I surprise the next birthday with a cake...  

So, today was my turn.  Which means yesterday Samantha and I (mostly Samantha) made a cake!
At this link I have provided to Southern Living the first video you see is the white cake. This particular cake is the 2012 Southern Living White Cake Recipe winner. Here is the LINK and here is the RECIPE.

One of the great things about her (Samantha) is she can actually see a recipe in a magazine (in this case Southern Living) and make the silly thing. Each of my girls can do this and I am grateful for their abilities.  My issue here is that I love to eat all of their stuff!!  I think you can see the problem. (LITERALLY!)

The picture is what was left at the end of the day in my office! (I hope she liked it..)

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