Reuben in Weatherford - 2000

John Reuben and yours truly!
I really couldn't even tell you the year for sure... My guess is it was about 1999-2000 when I took a suburban full of youth to a concert in Weatherford, OK to see this crazy white rapper named John Reuben and another group named Mars ill

That is me with John Reuben on the left (pic) the night of the concert. Very cool indeed. Really didn't know much about him other than he was a rapper (and had good music) who was a Christian and he was safe to take our kids to see...

It was an incredible show in what was called "the 180".  I think it was actually the old theater in downtown Weatherford that a local church had acquired and turned into a special place for high school ministry.

Below is a music video of one of my favorite Johnny Reubonics - "DO NOT"!!

I still remember jumping up and down and going nuts in that place. The kids thought I had lost my mind but the music just connected with me...still does. Maybe its just cause it is fun and has great lyrics...and a dose of reality, morality and biblical worldview.  Could be that it is what God used to connect me to youth ministry long ago. 

The Christian Hip Hop genre continues to get better and better with new artists, incredible lyrics, etc.. I'll try to share more in posts down the road.  Guys like Lecrea, KJ52, Tedashi. I still listen to them all.

My name is Jay,  I'm 46 years old and I like rap music!
"You’re defined by having an open mind, Yet you close me out every time I speak mine" - John Reuben

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