You..."Can't stuff this.."

Thanksgiving is a special day.  Are you going anywhere this year?  Wherever it might be, please travel safely!

The food, family time and great football games - all good stuff!  Throw in all of the Christmas movies that start this week and "BOOM!", its a very full (and filling) few days.

Then there is the whole black Friday thing.  Gads, we might even go stand in line EARLY on that day ourselves or maybe even Thanksgiving night??  I thought we would get wiser as we got older...

Anyway, our family is very thankful for so many things.. Our entire Family, Faith, Community, Church Family, You and the list literally goes on and on and on.

I hope you have much to be thankful for too!  Write it down and keep a list in your pocket...it's always good to reflect on such things.

Ran across this video and it rekindled great memories from my days in Ada High School..  While the melody is the same, the lyrics have been adjusted a bit.  Enjoy and may the song stick in your mind like it did mine!

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