2013 Goal Post!

YOU CANNOT BE SERIOUS!!!!  Another post about goals... 

My personal opinion as to why people focus on the first of the "new" year to establish goals is that many things in our life start at zero again on Jan 1. Things like: vacation day accruals, personal tax accruals, healthcare deductibles, school breaks, we actually start writing 2013 on documents...and the list goes on..
OR, I suppose it could be that it just works...

Reality is that most people have no where to go but "up" since we are all totally worn out and fattened up by December 31.  Man, we were all zapped at my house!  No comment about my personal "gains"...

Seems like everyone has a few goals to achieve each year.  Me too.

Here are a few goals:
Obtain my Commercial Drivers License (CDL) The CDL thing is something that I've wanted to do for some time now and has come (now) more out of necessity really than anything else.  And NO, I have no desire to drive an oilfield tanker...It would just make it much easier if ol' Jay could drive the church bus occasionally.  Since we do so many things with the youth group at our church (and there are lots of youth) by obtaining this license I could drive the bus and give some of the other regular drivers a break. OKAY.. then there's the whole "I've wanted to drive a bus since I was..." thing.  And, who knows, I might just opt to be a school bus driver someday!  Banking is getting more precarious every day...

Begin a bible study with young men from the youth this Spring
Samantha and I are blessed to be engaged in youth ministry at our church.  And we have learned over the years that the best way to be prepared spiritually for whatever is coming our way is to continually be focused on Jesus and what He teaches via the Bible.  Simple Bible literacy is an important piece of that.. like how to look things up when you have a question, where to find things...other than where the cool pictures and maps are located.  I've learned that if something is unfamiliar to me, I will probably not refer to it when needed.   The whole study thing is not rocket science really, but it does require one more night, additional planning, prayer and intentional preparation.

Re-Establish our "Emergency Fund"
Nothing like a year with a car accident and medicalish things to drain the saving accounts.  The end result today: everybody is well and we actually paid cash for a second vehicle - BOOM!  So, the goal here is to really ramp up savings and replenish our 6 month of expenses "Emergency Fund" within the year.  My bride is an awesome budgeteer and with her help we can knock this goal out (hopefully) before August...maybe sooner. Oh, BTW, donations are greatly appreciated.

FINALLY:  do 13,000 sit-ups in 2013
It sounds way more cool to state it this way instead of the cold reality of simply doing 50 sit-ups 5 days a week.. By 2014 you might not recognize me since I'll have an abdominal 12 pack by then!  NICE!

Happy New Year!

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