Walk with the wise...or else!

I don't know if Paula Deen is/was wise..or is/was a fool...but I know one thing for sure...her "companions" are suffering harm.  Right?  She has almost lost every sponsorship deal she ever had!  Bottom line is they are afraid that the collateral damage from her words will inflict as much or more damage on them..

Same thing goes with that pro football player recently arrested for murder.  His posse is definitely feeling the pressure too.  Not fun.

My guess is the "friends" of both had some idea this "stuff" was going on..

You (and I) just gotta always be aware of the things people we hang out with are doing...

Is it something wise OR is it foolish?  Makes me really review the Andy Stanley study we've been walking through at church.. "Guardrails".  Good stuff.

#Proverbs13:20  @jaythebanker

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