Yes Jay, it is critical you know HOW TO CORE A STRAWBERRY...

...WITH A STRAW!!  I mean...I've always wondered about it..

We spent a little time with my folks last week over the 4th of July weekend and it's always a great visit!  Lake fun, lots of laughs, tubing and always good food and catching up..

THIS TIME THOUGH, I learned a valuable life skill...HOW TO CORE A STRAWBERRY WITH A STRAW!

My guess is there are millions of you who know how to do this already, but this was my maiden voyage in learning the art. I think you'll especially like the crazy (sound effects) guy making the "PLOP" sound in the recliner in the back.  THE GOOD NEWS IS...that caliber of talent runs throughout the family!

Take a look:

Y'all be good!

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