Get you some BEG-NETS!

I'm sorry guys, but the word when you see it and its spelled out looks like it should sound like "beg nets".. Yet, "beignets" it is.. (defined: 1 : fritter 2 : a light square doughnut usually sprinkled with powdered sugar. source Merriam-Webster)
Yep, toured New Orleans town for a few days last week and it was fun. I may share more about that later.  I will say it did have some interesting smells...wow!
One of the great things we did was make it to Cafe Du Monde for some of that chicory flav'd coffee and some beignets. Ate those dudes on the banks of "the mighty Mississippi". YUM!

Ordering an Au-Lait at Cafe Du Monde

Emma and I eating beignets..

My new "official" mug

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...from an undisclosed location!

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