Abby the Dog - 911

Abby (or awesome dog) had issues over the weekend.  Her back legs are suffering from major paralysis and this troubles us.  We aren't for sure what happened or if it just was too many times jumping off the couch or the chairs, etc.  (Yes, we know they shouldn't jump...but its never bothered her.)  Something has stopped her in her tracks...

I've read a few places that this could possibly be resolved with cage rest and steroids for a week or two. We are doing these things and prefer to have her home with us instead of at the vet in their kennel...too much noise for her to even rest well.  At least we can feel like we are playing part of the healing process.  (Special thanks to Canadian Valley Animal Clinic!)

It's tough watching this normally very excited and great dog wrenching around back and forth just to see us when we enter the room.  Then there are all the stories I've heard from so many animal lovers that have experienced a similar heartache with their pets. 

This was the dog our youngest, Claire, chose when she learned she was not allergic to dogs!  Runt of the crew..and came right up and sat down.  She's unique in many ways and is one of a very few dachshunds we've ever heard of that willingly sleeps on her back.

We hope she gets well soon and we'll recall this time as just another story in the life of our awesome dog Abby. It's alright to pray for your dog!

Of course, it might be things like she did in this video that assisted in her ailment today..

I'll keep you posted.

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