College...am I really that old?

Hard to believe so many of the "kids" we've helped raise either at our home or at the church are going off to college now or will be very shortly.  Most are nearby and within a few hours.  Still though, it is just a bit mind blowing that I am THAT OLD!  We are blessed to have worked with so many that are departing...and that we get to live out our life with the rest of them back home.

(I'm glad they'll be close so we can hopefully run into them down the road.) 

This revelation came to me after receiving my official invitation/announcement from OSU about my upcoming 25 YEAR GRADUATION!!  My princess informed me that I was older than she was and that this invitation officially makes me old.  OUCH.  I mentioned this recently in a discussion with about 200 incoming college freshman at Redlands Community College.

When I mentioned the invitation and the whole "25 year reunion" thing...they looked at me like I was Methuselah!

It was twenty-five (25) SHORT years ago...during a cold December in 1989 that @jaythebanker graduated from OSU with an AgEcon degree... Oh yes, there's more to that story..

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