Pharrell did what?

Pharrell & JayTheBanker
Not long ago I watched Pharrell Williams on some music awards show. Initially, I will admit, I discounted him like many of the current musicians.  And if I remember right he had the droopy pants and all... #notcool

Fast forward a few months.

On a typical Sunday about an hour or so before we leave for church...we catch a little of the CBS Sunday Morning Show.  This particular Sunday the musician  Pharrell happened to be the interviewee.

If you've not seen the interview...or never heard Pharrell...I highly recommend it! He was humble, encouraging and somewhat inspiring.
Buy it!

Here's a LINK to the entire script with several snippets of the interview as seen on the show that morning.

I really enjoyed hearing this unique artist give credit to others in the video below..."what am I without them?" He gives credit to those that taught and encouraged him when he was young!  So, be encouraged you teachers of the nations youth!!

Oh, then there's the whole "I had the hat thing going on before he was even born thing..."

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