Too much water is a really bad thing...for a house!

Lots of rain in central OK!  Forget that...LOTS OF RAIN IN ALL OF OKLAHOMA!

In fact, record rainfalls to be specific.  We've experienced a 5 year drought with lakes almost drying up (many farm ponds did)...but that's pretty well over now. Here is a LINK to the Oklahoma Climatological Survey.  If you read those survey numbers most regions of The Great State of Oklahoma are 200% over normal rainfall...FOLKS, IT IS ONLY MAY 11th!!

I suppose we can discount some of it since it all came in 3 hours (just kidding)...more like 1-2 weeks.

Regardless of the drainage plans we've instituted at the hacienda...it still fell short after a 3-5in rain in about 2 hours.  I thought we were in the headwaters of the Colorado River!!

Here is a video of the mess we are dealing with in our backyard.  The video sums it up pretty well.  We have a great landscaper who has us on the schedule...it just takes time.  

Here is my quick summary of the issue.

It rained a ton, it flooded like a river, I dug a trench, it worked pretty well.  That is all.

NOTE: So as to quash any myths that I (myself) rode a leaf down the trench
with my phone...you must know that I used my GoPro Hero 3+ in the upside
down mode and on a selfie stick to film this masterpiece.

What can I say...leave it to a banker for creativity..

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