Storms do have a personality!

When I have talked to people and maybe even done business with them on the telephone...but never had a chance to meet them it always cool to meet them eventually.. When I do...I'm like, "It sure is good to put a face with a name"...

Have you ever experienced that?

Well, tonight we had a good old Oklahoma storm line heading our way, so (as usual) I grabbed the GoPro and the tripod and set it up in the front yard. (used the time lapse function)

When I finally went back out to grab the GoPro it had taken about 400 pictures. As I scrolled through the pictures I ran across the one below...curious if it jumps off the

picture for you too??

And here is another that was about 10 pictures later..(not quite as noticeable)

Just goes to show you that these storms have personalities and sometimes they even have a face!!


"You Got This!"...je

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