El Reno is 125 and Jobe's Drive In

A couple of cool things are happening this weekend in my little town of El Reno, OK.

El Reno is turning 125 years old!  At a lunch I went to today I learned that we actually have the oldest of the (only) four remaining Carnegie libraries in Oklahoma.  How cool is that!

You can listen to a recording I made today of the speaker at our lunch, Mrs. Carolyn Barker.  She has been the historical gatekeeper as it were for this area in the county (maybe all of the county) for the last 50 years. Very knowledgeable and full of great factoids!  (PS: I did receive her permission to use the  recording of her talk today.)

Jobes on 6/12/2015
The infamous Jobe's Drive-In in El Reno (on Route 66) is scheduled to be auctioned off (all of it) this Saturday. The good part here is that there'll be (I am told) about 400 classic cars doing a "last cruise"by the old drive thru joint tonight (Friday).  It just might be the classic car lineup for the record books. I wish I was going to be in town to grab a pic or two...

the bad part is that about a year ago the owner and his wife were in a tragic car accident that killed his wife of many, many years.It is just time to sell it.

Another bad part is that another iconic symbol of the past will be removed from Route 66.. Unless of course a really cool person buys it...

Thanks for reading and have a great weekend!

"You Got This!"...je

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