Arlington National Cemetery & Alexandria, VA

We had a great trip to DC and I wanted to share a few pictures from our trip. I did a voice over just to point out what they are and where they are..
Of interest in the pics are the memories we will ALL have about the shear heat the day we visited Arlington National Cemetery. I recall standing there in the burning sun and having sweat (literally) run down my legs! Never had that happen..even when I ran a half marathon.. And then, on top of that, wondering how those soldiers march and guard that pristine tomb IN THE BLAZING HEAT. I promise the heat index had to be 120!

Alexandria was very fun too.. Ate a very good place with an incredible hamburger - Chadwick's. The place is worth checking out since it is almost in the Potomac. Also we visited a cool art center known as the Torpedo Factory and it literally was a torpedo factory and was renewed.

Just getting to every location was exciting since (over the whole trip) we rode on planes, trains, buses, boats, the metro, escalators and even cars. Oh, and we walked.. BOY, DID WE WALK!

Great trip and so much fun to travel with my three girls. So thankful for my country and the incredible things we have accomplished over the 200+ years of our existence. (EDITORIAL COMMENT: It would be nice if we could balance our national checkbook though!)

Hope to add more pictures soon.. Might just post them though


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