Nice day for a roadtrip! C'mon, let's do this..

I opted to catch the official "Badger Bus" from Madison to Milwaukee and have a little adventure. $38 bucks.. COOL, our bus driver (Dick) has just announced that we have FREE WIFI on the bus..

Not surprising, since this IS a LUXURY LINER!!

Never been to Milwaukee so I suppose that's why I'm going...simply to say I've been. I figure that there is no way to experience a place until you experience it like local folk. Yes, it is home to many breweries and one of my all time favorite shows.. "Laverne & Shirley"!

The last bus leaves Milwaukee tonight (back to Mad City) at about 8:30.. So I either spend the night there or catch the bus. My return ticket is good for a year, so there's no wasted cash if I opt to stay..

I'm also doing a vlog of the trip.. Hope you get to see it on YouTube - "jaythebanker".

Traveling mercies..

-on the road in Wisconsin, USA!

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