Austin Barnes plays Eddie Van Halen's "ERUPTION" - Yukon, OK

Just wanted to share this video of Austin Barnes playing a little Eddie Van Halen "Eruption" a weekend ago at the Yukon Battle of The Bands.  Austin has taken lessons for a couple of years and I just thought he did a great job and wanted to share it!  His mother, Ann Barnes, works with me at the bank and gave me permission to post it on YouTube. 

Very cool to see him work the fret board and the guy can't even drive a car yet!  It's just not right.

Reminds of me of my old Ada High days.  I can still remember when the album "Diver Down" came out and I thought that was an over the top album for VH.  Always good to rustle up fun memory's.

I hope some of my Ada friends remember those days too.  (SFATB!!)

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