Just a few random pictures from my stay in Madison and weekend trip to Milwaukee!

This first one is a shot of the capitol building in downtown Madison.

I took a few early morning walks and this is just a random street with homes where students will be living in a few weeks.

The Madison Farmers Market was really quite incredible. This is just one of the many beautiful stands of veggies I experienced. Unfortunately, very few free samples!

Just a random picture of me taking a picture at an old parking garage in my travails to Milwaukee..

It got to be pretty late walking around on my trip to Milwaukee.. At this point I was watching people across the street in an open air restaurant. They could just slide the entire front of the place open.. Very cool!

Just thought this was a cool painted sign in downtown Milwaukee.

Took this one just last night in Madison. Lots of cool neon and I love "The Exclusive Company" statement..

On my way back to my condo (ok, dorm room) I walk across an overpass.. this is my view from up top.

This is the Pres House on the UW campus. It is a church focused on student ministry.

You can grab a great burger at the Memorial Union on campus. I ate there tonight and this was my view..

Take pictures and share them on your next trip. I really enjoy it.

NOTE: All pictures were taken using my regular iPhone4 camera or the app called "Hipstamatic".

See more pics on FLICKR: http://flic.kr/ps/JP1bh

-from an undisclosed location..

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