My Thanksgiving was great.. Yours?

Some of my infamous family..
I had a great time over the last few days with family and friends enjoying the long weekend over Thanksgiving.

My daughter even reminded me that we had seen everyone in our immediate/extended family except for my sister from SLC!  Missed you Miles!!  (OK, TX, CA, AR) 

Especially good to see Jack and Peggy from Ada..the man just had to crappie fish everyday. 

Crappie Fish Fry!
So, while it was a few good days..  It would have been great to see them all. Thankful for all we did get to see. Since it was these people (family) that helped to make me what I am today.  I suppose this is a positive/negative..ying/yang thing.  They gave me the good, the bad and the ugly.

While in Hot Springs we did a special project.  I know many of you have talked about doing it over the years - most have not had the guts to take action though.  So, in honor of you..and our desire to "live large" we created our first "Thanksgiving Shake".  you can watch the video and see what I mean.  And like it says.."please don't try this at home"..  No telling what Christmas holds..


You know you've wanted to do the same thing for years..  

I really hope you had a great Thanksgiving and enjoyed visiting with friends and family.  We sure did.

I am so very thankful.

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