Tis the Season.. to be worn out!

Now it's full throttle into the Christmas season and the multiple  levels of fun that come along with it.  Family, friends, busy-ness, lights,  traffic, cooking and the added stress of gift buying and crowd  surfing.

Most of us go through the season and end up feeling like we've run wind-sprints.
Haven't you awaken in mid-January saying, "BOY, I LOVE CHRISTMAS BUT I AM GLAD ITS OVER - I WAS SO WORN OUT.."

Just take a minute and take a breath.. Go see the lights.. Go grab an ice cream with your family or coffee with a friend.  We always enjoy watching White Christmas or Elf and really just hang out together AS A FAMILY.

Come visit the lights in El Reno's Legion Park.. (below)

Whatever you do..life is way too short to get to January 15, 2012 and be thankful Christmas is over.  I love reflecting on Luke 2 and the birth of Jesus.  And in a world that won't admit it.. He is the reason we celebrate this special season.

Blessings and Merry Christmas to you!

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