Apple Bank & Trust...maybe?

What is the next step for APPLE?  (other than maybe an iPhone75 in 10 years)

A possible "APPLE BANK & TRUST".  It could become a reality. 

As a banker in a brick and mortar community bank I am a little threatened by it all.  But as Dave says, at least "at a community bank you can still get your fingers around their neck."  

If possible...avoid my neck though...

From a recent FINANCIAL BRAND article:
“The power of Apple also will be seen almost immediately with the relationships struck with card companies, financial institutions and retailers"..."Whether they are buying in stores or online from merchants in apps, organizations will promote their partnership with Apple by stressing the simplicity and security of using Apple Pay.”

Is this all good or bad?  I am not sure.  It seems OK I guess to have all your apples in one basket...They seem to have it all:  ease of use, security, profit, 800 million accounts, worldwide use.

But what did grandma always tell you....?

Didn't she say NOT to do put all your apples [eggs] in one basket?

I wonder when they'll do their first home loan...let's call it APPLEddress??

P.S. It wasn't that long ago I mentioned in a blog post that Wal-Mart was getting into the banking business.  They currently do all things banking but just under the threshold to be required to actually be a bank. What are they up to now..?

Blessings! JE

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